Joint Line HO Model Train Layout – 1980s Operating Session with Helpers and Cabooses

Another operating session on my HO layout showing operations as they might have occurred in the late 1980s after the merger of the Rio Grande and Southern Pa…
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  1. Colorado's Joint Line HO Model Train Layout says:
  2. Bullitt406 says:


  3. kanishirosouthwester says:

    Awesome video as usual. Have a question. I use to have some of those coal
    cars u ha e with the Rio Grande LoCos..do u know where I can find or squire
    some..I cannot seem to locate any ..or maybe u can tell who makes them and
    so I can see if the carry anymore for purchase..thanks ?

  4. Defiant47 says:

    Wow, superb layout! Love the prototypical speeds too. Great work!?

  5. spaceman063 says:

    This is one beautiful layout and is a inspiration for any who want to get
    into ho scale trains. I am in the process of getting back into trains and
    am thinking about using either Sievers or Mianne ready made bench work
    because of time constraints and being the worst person on earth when
    involved in any sort of carpentry! ?

  6. Logan Man says:

    Thanks i used to be BIG into Lionel trains (O gauge) i have alot of it and
    after a while of not using them i decided to get into HO, i have 3-4 engine
    all of which are small. I have a few train cars but i really want to get
    into the bigger better stuff, like what i had with my O gauge layout. I
    really appreciate your help. (sorry if this was a rant)

  7. Colorado's Joint Line HO Model Train Layout says:

    If you’re just starting out in model railroading, I recommend you get a
    couple track planning books (my favorite is Track Planning for Realistic
    Operation by Armstrong) and start planning a small layout. Don’t try to
    build your perfect layout for your first layout. In HO a 5×9 or 6×10 layout
    is great to start with. For N a regular 4×8 is fine. Use this layout to
    practice techniques for construction, and run whatever kind of trains you
    want. You can narrow down your era and prototype later.

  8. Logan Man says:

    I cant wait to see this done!, gives me inspiration, is there a special way
    to start something like this? Starter kit, or table.

  9. brian102256 says:

    Great video!!! I love the variety in motive power and rolling stock. Thanks
    for sharing!!!

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