Model Trains: R/C Gas Powered : Wada Works Diesel-Electric Brass GP9 (Gas Powered) G Scale

I kept hearing about a gas powered engine in Large Scale, but I had never seen one. Well at the East Coast Large Scale Train Show a few years ago I just happ…
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  1. Briefroboboy says:

    i? was thinking of makin a broken locomotive into a gas powered….or maybe a hybrid….

  2. b111791 says:

    I would be a little nervous running that engine on that suspended track. One mishap and down to? the floor it goes.

  3. kevin brooks says:

    it’s not gas powered it’s? rc nitromethane -alcohol mix.

  4. MrMjsmith626 says:

    They need to build a? DD40X version of this,16 wheel drive…wicked!!.

  5. MrRod250 says:

    awesome awesome awesome does anyone know of anyone else doing this?? as i have been wanting to build one for some time awesome? vid

  6. Chemin De Fer says:

    If you’re interested in live diesel in ‘garden’ scale have a look what other people are doing on You Tube for a lot less than than $3,000. You can easily build a simple machine that runs well with just hand tools.

    There is minimal fire risk? and the smell and noise are all part of the ‘charm’.

  7. MichaelB450 says:

    That is? awesome.

  8. gardentrains says:

    Good point, but it is no different then running a live steam engine. You would never run this or a live steam engine inside your home. ? Take a looks and see that this was running on the same track the live steam guys use. It was run in a large building as part of a show. It is not designed to be a top seller at $3,000+ per unit. It it more of a collectors limited run idea that is very cool.

  9. AstroTrainboy1174 says:

    very? interesting

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