The Awesome Levitating Train

A short film that shows our levitating train. This model maglev train uses superconductors and magnets to float above the track. The film also features an an…


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  1. Indra Ida Bagus says:

    Cute music =)?

  2. M1ST3RHYDE says:

    Thank you for the great video. Where did you buy the BSCCO and if you don’t
    mind how much did they cost??

  3. Amar Sinha says:

    How do you slowdown or speed up?

  4. Joe Mullen says:


  5. Ryddoo says:

    More recent videos talk about “flux pinning” effect, with magnetic fields
    in form of “flux tubes” being able to “go through” the disc because it’s
    thin enough, effectively “locking” it..

  6. MatzeGamer says:

    You have to push it and the only thing it slows is air right?

  7. TheGEODEAHOLIC says:

    if you substitute electromag. coils for the neo. magnets would the physics
    still work?

  8. Prasad Gangodagama says:

    why don’t it go off the track?

  9. danielmelton0 says:

    And this element doesn’t like brakes…………

  10. Adam Denchfield says:

    The magnet in the back appears bigger than the ones in front. That probably
    has something to do with it – the bigger one is repelled more, maybe?
    Either way, there’s a mechanism behind it.

  11. MaxRideWizardLord says:

    it doesn’t explain why it goes forward and not backward and why it’s even
    endlessly moving and not just floating…

  12. Trinath Karri says:

    Very nice tutorial..I just love this…Keep rocking…

  13. Zokrar says:

    I love stuff like this. It’s so cool

  14. 0xJerry says:

    excellent video. concise explanation. relevant and easy-to-understand
    animations. A++ would watch again

  15. Markyhennon ShepardY says:

    Nice job. =)

  16. ?? ? says:

    cute song

  17. Aed Baras says:

    bad idea we are need engay to cooled nitrogen and alot magnet

  18. joshuayip2010 says:

    or skill of science

  19. Lore Prado says:


  20. Danny Tran says:

    Levitating Train, Awesome! The Awesome Levitating Train

    Magnets supplied by http://www.hisupplier.com/a-alnico-magnets/?

  21. Rurik Von Elenor Neologik says:

    Very AMAZING!.?

  22. Sensei Farozan says:
  23. Zakariyya Joomun says:

    what is that liquid that you put in the train and the car

  24. Nebojsa Salaj Kovacevic says:

    what if train manage to get out of magnetic field?

  25. Akshay David says:

    Hey learning this in Physics now….we couldnt find how it moves forward.
    So how does it move forward?

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